86Box is a hypervisor and IBM PC system emulator that specializes in running old operating systems and software designed for IBM PC systems and compatibles from 1981 through fairly recent system designs based on the PCI bus.



The latest stable version of 86Box is v1.07, which was released on 21 February 2017 and is terribly outdated. It is instead recommended to use the latest nightly builds available from our Jenkins instance, which include all features listed above.

System requirements and recommendations

It is also recommended to use the 86Box Manager by daviunic (Overdoze) to manage virtual machines even though it is possible to use 86Box on its own with the --vmpath/-P command line option.

Getting started

If you’re a new user, click here to see a brief tutorial on how to configure everything so you can start working.


See frequently asked questions for solutions to common problems with 86Box or join our IRC or Discord for assistance.

Get in touch

You can reach us on our IRC channel or our Discord server to discuss anything related to retro computing and of course 86Box. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Visit our Discord server


86Box is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.